TOP 5 Contestant-Finalist of Bigg Boss Season 9 and Final Week

Bigg Boss Season 9 winner and finalist

Every contestant of Bigg Boss 9 dream to be in final week Top 5 Finalist of Bigg Boss season 9 are Mandana Karimi, Prince Narula, Rishab Sinah, Keith Sequeira and Rochelle Rao.

There is only one Wild Card Contestant are there Rishab Sinah  who is the first wild card to enter in the show, He is the only one to manage in the house and make large fan following.

Prince Narula was already in top 5 after the ticket to finale task in which Kishwer merchant leave the house for Prince to win Ticket to Finale task.

Mandana Karimi is only one in the house who not make any relation of groups in the house and have only motto to play for herself. And finally she reached the finals without the help of any group-ism. She is the main attraction of Bigg Boss 9 in every week of Bigg Boss from starting to end she is the main topic to discuss in the house or on weekends with Salman Khan. Other housemates try a lot to ignore her but they can’t ignore her in the house.

Keith Sequeira the Gentle man of the house who gone out of the house for two weeks and game again inside the house and not include in any fight or argument in the house with any contestant. Keith is in the top 5 and public favorite as Bigg Boss 9 winner.

Rochelle Rao the miss India is in the finals many or even she don’t believe this. The bubbly girl always being nervous and scared what to do in the house to remain in the house. She did everything to gone into cool group friend with Mandana when there were Keith gone out of the house. With her willing to be in the Game she is in the Finals.

This time a couple are in top 5 yeah that is Keith Sequeira and Rochelle Rao who finally got some relive when Priya Malik evict as top 6th contestant. Before Priya Malik eviction on Saturday Imam make him the second finalist in respect of the task she performed given by Imam(Bigg Boss 6 finalis and task for week before finals) there is high chance that Priya will be in top 5.

Other Deserving For Bigg Boss 9 top 5

Some of the contestant who are well deserving but evicted are Kishwer Merchant, Gizele Thakral, Priya Malik and Suyyash Rai

Bigg Boss 9 finale date

23 January 2016

Voting trends on 18 jan 20 jan

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