Sonali Raut Bigg Boss season 8 contestant with an attitude like by many

Attitude Girl Sonali Raut


23 year old Sonali raut born on 23rd December 1990 , in Delhi . Herfather was Police In Mumbai. She won Miss India Pegeant in 1996. She is appeared with Abhishek Bachan in Idea advertisement. In 2010 , she won a modeling assignment in annual Kingfisher Calender which featured models in swim suits.

In 2014 she shoot an ad with Ranveer Singh  for Maxim Magazine.

She got famous from the movie The  Xpose. She had a supporting role in it but Because of her personality and behavior with the actress of the movie she got popular. She is full of attitude.

Sonali Raut’s Family

She is the younger sister of Indian super model Ujjawala Raut. Ujjawala Raut is very close friend and classmate of Diandra. Currently Diandra and Sonali are in the same house of Bigg Boss 8. They are rivals to each other in the Bigg Boss.

We can say She is just a beginner and will do a lot.

 XPOSE movie 2014

The-Xpose-2014-Movie himesh and Sonali
The-Xpose-2014-Movie himesh and Sonali


Sonali Raut Return in BB8 after Eliminated

In First week of Bigg Boss Sonali Raut Eliminated. As she is nominated by Secret Society member in first week in house. Bigg Boss think that Sonali Raut is one who can bring some entertainment in the house So BB8 bring back Sonali Ranaut on giving reason that she didn’t got lot of time in house to present herself and to audience. That’s why BB8 giving Sonali Raut again chance to live in the house.

Acceptance is Increase from Sonali to bring some fun yeah fun means fight in the house. Which all audience love in BB.

Its said by many that Natasha have the lowest vote last week But BB8 eliminate Sonali Raut.  This was also reason for BB8 bring her back in the show
Deepshikha said in the house

“How can BB8 eliminate the masala girl from BB8 ?”

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