Secret Society’s RJ Preetam and Sushant Controversy No one know about it

First Unknown Controversy of the show occurred of which there was full chances on the show .Channel not have to be displayed on television.

The controversy was accusations on Homophobia from Rj Preetam towards LGBT Sushant Divgikar. While everyone in the house was behaving normally with him. But Preetam Singh being a Secret Society Member Commented on him by saying

“Didi aai didi , kisko vote karogi”

when nominations were taking place. Preetam was watching him in the t.v. of Secret Society members’ team and Sushant was going to nominate for the first week. This was broadcast-ed by the channel in fourth Episode which became a controversy of the show.

No one in the house ever mentioned or commented on his sexual orientation. But Preetam did and Channel broadcast-ed this footage on prime time that is 9:00p.m. As the channel is National so it bacame more controversial.

LGBT rights activists

have claimed for disqualification of Rj Preetam from the show and as well an action against the channel to air such content.