Puneet Issar is no longer a member of Secret Society Bigg Boss 8

Time to go down in crashed flight for Puneet Issar

In three members of Secret Society one have to choose who have to go down to flight and live with other contestant,

RJ preetam and Deepshikha Nagpal chosen Puneet Issar as a weak member in Secret Society, he lost all his control and
immunity from eviction and have to live like an ordinary passenger.

Others SS members will continue their journey as a Secret Society member. They sent him for his punishment which he gave and renouncing it and more empathetic towards the contestant.

i-am-singh-hindi-movie PUNEET ISSAR
i-am-singh-hindi-movie PUNEET ISSAR


Its is expected that RJ preetam and Deepshikha was a clever contestant thenĀ Puneet . So that they send him to Flight and remain safe from next nomination. He was the soft target and easily sent down to the flight,

But at other side he got more time to make friend in the house then RJ Preetam and Deepshikha

Lets See who’s plan will work and for how long?