DAY 22 Bigg Boss 8 Nomination Special 9 Nominated this week only Upen, Sushant, Praneet saved

DAY 22 Bigg Boss Season 8 Nominations Gautam Sonali Karishma Puneet Minissha Soni Arya Diandra Pritam (3)

Today Nomination are

Gautam Karishma Minisha Pritam Soni Arya Diandra Puneet Natasa

DAY 22 Bigg Boss 8 Nomination Special 9 Nominated this week only Upen, Sushant, Praneet saved, New Love birds in Bigg Boss house after Babbars vs Lambas task, New twits vote to save and a ladaku murga in house.

New love birds in BB8

Babbars vs Lamba luxury task in which Upen and Sonali have to do some task like kangan, mehandi, haldi doodh(milk), mangalsutar it looks that they didn’t finish this task till now. Both of them flirting each other sitting sepratley in the house talking to each oter for long time, hugging this is drama for Bigg Boss 8 ??

DAY 22 Upen and Sonali love story Bigg Boss season 8

Gautam said to Upen to told Soanli to clean garden area and Sonali and Minissha didn’t do anyting in the house they have the duty, he told Upen that they both are besr friend. For this Sonali told that he is enemy of everyone in the house and then disscussed with sushant.

Bigg Boss punish Arya

After the last conversation with Salman when Arya is saved from nomination. Arya throwed the mic and use abusive language to Bigg Boss to take him out of the house, On incidence of Minissha told Arya telephonic conversation before entering in the Bigg Boss.

After Puneet elucidation to Arya that it is wrong to doing this So Arya aplogise Bigg Boss and wear his mic again.

For this incidence Bigg Boss take the power to vote and taunt him for this action.


Twist honge zabardast the new twist today is housemantes votes one member to save from nomination, its just surprised to everyone planing and they think again whom to vote. Upen, Sushant, Praneet three of them got 3-3 votes are save from nomination Natasa, Diandra, Soni got only one vote and Gautam, Karishma, Minissha, Pritam, Puneet didn’t got any votes to save in the house.

Sonali got the immunity in Luxury task so she is already save and Arya direct nominated in Luxury task. In this week 9 housemates are nominated So vote now to save your favourite contestant.

DAY 22 Gautam Gulati asking question from Diandra

Rose Day

After the nominations Bigg Boss said to give a rose who voted for him/ her, In this many gave rose to whom who didn’t give vote to them and didn’t give rose to whom they give the vote. Sushant get too much angry While Upen gave rose to Gautam for thanks to save her from nomination. But Sushant saved Upen and Upen didn’t gave rose to him and how he thinks that Gautam saved Upen.

‘Gharwaale janana chahte hai’

Bigg Boss gave a task to housemates in Gautam have to ask question which housemates gave earliear and he can clearify his answer by asking more question. Gautam asked Karishma why she is overracting, too personel and she didn’t aplogize to anyone for what she is doing. Gautam asked Diandra why she is not talking to him, last talk when they did in which Diandra say to stay away from Upen and Arya.

DAY 22 Gautam Gulati asked questin to Karishma, Puneet Arya Aplogies to Minissha

Aarya apologize to Minissha

On asking a question to Arya Gautam said that ‘Dost… maafi mangne se koi chota nahi ho jata’. Arya said that he didn’t ask sorry from Minissha till now and now Arya want to say sorry for everything what he said. Arya told Minissha it was a reaction because of what Minissha said to Diandra about him. Minissha also accept sorry from Arya.

Murga Gautam

At night RJ Pritam shows his show Gautam as Murga in the house who want to fight and his leg is tied with rope. There are some Murgies who want to fight with Gautam(murga) and now they are out of the house. On targeting ladies in the house he said there are some “Murgie ghar jama ke bhait gayei hai”

DAY 22 RJ Pritam comedy on murga and murgi

He added there are some other murgas and murgies too who want to fight with Gautam. Gautam didn’t say anything on this he just smiled.

and VOTE for Gautam….

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