DAY 21 Deepshikha Eliminated from Bigg Boss 8, Rekha dance with Salman came promotes Super Nani

DAY 21 Deepshikha Eliminated from Bigg Boss season 8 Rakhi promote Super Nani Weekend ka Vaar with Salman
DAY 21 Deepshikha Eliminated from Bigg Boss season 8 Rakhi promote Super Nani Weekend ka Vaar with Salman

Day 21 Weekend Ka Vaar with Salma Khan Deepshikha eliminated throwing boom on Puneet. totally happy show no fight and housemates are lining with peace, Special guest Rekha to promote  his upcoming film Super Nani.

Contestants mimic each other

Bigg Boss a very funny task in which Arya is a filmmaker casting a 2 hours film in which every housemates have to mimic other member. the list given below who mimic whom. Punit shaved his leg to act as Sushant and perform exact like him. Natasa the missing girl act talking and her style like Upen she is one of the best doing this task.

Soni was seen as Praneet’s persona
Deepshikha played Pritam,
Pritam was seen acting asDiandra,
Minisha was seen playing Karishma,
Punit portrayed Sushant
Sonali was seen mimicking Natasha,
Gautam was asked to enact Sonali,
Natasha acted as Upen
Sushant portrayed Deepshi
Upen playedt Soni
Karishma fashioned Punit,
Praneet portrayedGautam,
Aarya portrayed Minisha
Diandra was seen as Aaryakha.

DAY 21 housemates mimic each other on funny task Bigg Boss season 8
DAY 21 housemates mimic each other on funny task Bigg Boss season 8

Rekha Promote’s “Super Nani”

Weekend ka Vaar with Salman Khan this 3rd week Rekha one of the most beautiful lady in the world ageless and evergreen came as a Guest in Bigg Boss.DAY 21 Super Nani movie Rekha To promote her upcoming Film “Super Nani” She danced with Salman Khan and act in Dabangg film famous dialogue “Thappad Se Darr Nahi Lagta Saheb, Bigg Boss se lagta hai!”

Rekha and Yoga

Salman reminds the time when Rekha teaches yoga Salman went there to see Rekha on excuse of learning yoga. Rekha told that when Salman Khan was 5-6 year old he follow her on his bicycle and told in his home that he(Salman) want to marry Rekha for thath Rekha didn’t marry to anyone.

On leaving the show Rekha commented Salman  “Maine aaj tak aap se kuch nahi manga…Aaj mangti hoon. Meri ek baat maanenge? Aap Shaadi kar lijiye!”

‘Main Bhi Rekha’

Bigg Boss gave a task Main Bhi Rekha to the housemates to perform Rekhan dance number and famous role to impress Rekha on her Birthday. Karishma and Sonali dance one of her song Wow Karishma loog georgious and dance too well.

next performance gave by Natasha and Sushant Oh Sweet Natasha danced on her own and Sushant came forward and dance with Pritam. At last Arya and Soni Singh dance too in old style songs dance.
Puneet dedicate shyari

kaash tum koi saaza ho jeeski main galti kar du”

and Gautam sang a song

Main Shayaar to Nahein magar he haasee Jab se Deekha tuj ko muj ko Shayaari aa gaye”

DAY 21 Rekha with Salman Khan in Bigg Boss 8 to promote Super Nani

Sushant won Sharee.

Rekha choose Sushant the winner of ‘Main Bhi Rekha’ she impressed with Sushant performance and ask him what should he do with the saree. Sushant repiled that he will gift it to her mother. Sushant also knows Rekha from his childhood and love her very much.

Deepshikha Eliminated

finally the Vaar of Weekend Salman Saved the Gautam in mid of the show. In Sonali and Deepshikha Salman asked Deepshikha if she want to go home Deepshika readily aggread that he is very happy in the house and it ok to go her houseafter meeting Rekha it is great pleasure to her.

Sonali said that he want to live in Bigg Boss house more . Salman called Deepshikha to came out of the house.

Puneet ji got Bomb

Salman show the video in which Puneet is discussing about Deepshikha with Pritam and Praneet. Such that how she playing the game and want to broke the house. On seeing this video clip Deepshikha throw the Bigg Boss bomb to Puneet. In this bomb a member have to join Gauam and Pritam as a Sewak.


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