DAY 13 weekend ka vaar with Salman No Eviction Today, Praneet saved

No Eviction new Twist in Bigg Boss 8, Puneet is saved, Gautam and Sukirti on of them will be evict tomorrow in Weekend Ka Vaar with Salman Khan

‘O O jaane jaana!’

Salman Khan Enter in the show with his old song ‘O O jaane jaana’ from “Pyar kiya to darna kya” movie dancing with small kids. Salman said that last week have lot to watch one hour is less to show everything. And lot of thing happen last week fighting, romance, drama everything. As the First week was little bit Boaring. TRP have jump on second week.

Modi swach bharat abhiyan

Narender Modi laucnches “Swach Bharat Abhiyan”  on 2nd OCT Gyandhi Jyanti to tribute Gandhi a clean India till his 150 aniversary on 2019. This si National Mission in which focused to clean India. Everyon have to give minimum 2 hours to clean there area. with moto “na ganda karunga na karne dunga”.

DAY 12  PM's My Clean India campaign
DAY 12 PM’s My Clean India campaign

On Salman Khan film “Jai Ho” in which shown to help someone and to tell him to help other 3 and go on. Like this Narender Modi nominate 9 member to clean one of the member is Salman Khan and nominate other 9 and so on. to make a Clean India.

Salman Khan tell BB8 housemate that they are diss qualify in Swach ta Abhiyan and they need to improve.

Now Goutam on Doom Chair

Housemate select the Gautam that he has the maximum chances to evict today. At last time Sonali sitted on the Doom chair. Gautam already knew that he will be selected for this after the Karishma and Gautam controversy.

On Salman asked Diandra didn’t support Gautam when no one talking to him, Diandra replied that he talk and felt that he not telling sorry from heart and other events in mean while.

Karishma’s Rubber controversy

Salman said Karishma pulled the incidence between Gautam and her very long again and again talking on this issue. When Gautam ask sorry many time and touch her feet from Karishma. As Karishma said to Salman that if any one use abuse language to you how you feel.

DAY 13 Karishma tanna talked with salman khan in confession room
DAY 13 Karishma tanna talked with salman khan in confession room

Karishma agree that he game of the incidence because it happen on Game. Salman talked Karishma in confession room about that incidence. And he make Gautam a hero on tv. She have to let it go or ignore the incidence. Accept sorry from Gautam made Gautam guilty.

Salman Khan Comment on Arya that he have only problem in house is that Gautam dance with Diandra in first week and Sonali in Second week. Arya who can miss only two thing is Sex and Pizza he is talking like that.

Gautam  Psycho Face

When Salman talk to Gautam really face sorry for using abusive language. An he admits that his personality is like this he not playing  any game. Gautam fell sad when everybody left him and no one talking to him. Salman asked Gautam to nominate three contestant in the house. He nominate Diandra, Karishma and Arya.

While Gautam talking to Salman Sushant saying something to Soni. Then Gautam said to Sushant to keep quite when any two persons are talking. Salman find the reason that everyone think that he is fake b’coz of his “Psycho Face” he have face like that.


There are no eviction today it will be shifted to Sunday Weekend ka vaar. This is new twist happening first time in BB8 house. Salman saved Praneet from eviction on saying that he can live minimum one week more in the house. But Salman Khan give only one day time to both Sukirti and Gautam. Voting lines are closed just wait and watch who going to be saved both have a large no of fan following.



DAY 13 Praneet saved from 2nd Eviction
DAY 13 Praneet saved from 2nd Eviction