Bigg Boss {DAY 37} Ali is no more Captain of House, Phone Booth tasks Karishma

Bigg Boss DAY 37 Phone Booth Task Ali is no more Captain of House

Bigg Boss {DAY 37} Ali is no more Captain Phone Booth tasks

Main Karu to Saala Character Dheela hai

Last night in kidding Ali touch the leg of Sonali while teasing Upen and Sonali when they are sleeping on same bed. Ali Came to Upen bed where Sonali and Upen enjoying themself. Ali came there and sat on that bed and touch the leg Sonali. For this Sonali kicked on Ali chest and told him that she will slap her.

Bigg Boss 8 DAY 37 Ali lost his Captaincy

Ali Lost his Captaincy

Bigg Boss on listening to both Sonali and Ali in Confession room Bigg Boss punished Ali. Bigg Boss take out the captaincy from Ali and disqualify him to be Captain of the house till the end. Sonali and all housemates welcomes the Bigg Boss decision.

Phone Booth Task

luxury task for this week is surprised everyone. a phone rang in Phone Booth Karishma is first one to pick up the Phone. On the Phone there were unknown person speaking an told Karishma to say any conversion to anyone in the house. The speaker in the phone dedicate some task which Karishma have to complete.

Bigg Boss 8 DAY 37 Karishma doing Phone Booth task

Karishma’s Truth Lie’s

Task given on the Phone is very hard But Karishma done every task with easily with her Truth Lie. That Bigg Boss will nominated the housemates if they not do the work what is Karishma is saying. For this  fear everyone done whatever Karishma told to everyone.

Bigg Boss 8 DAY 37 karishma bleeching Praneet eyebrows

Praneet Bleech’s Eye Brows

Karishma have to agree Praneet to Bleech’s his Eye Brows. Praneet agree for this son saying that he belive on his Panther. After bleech Karishma color his eyebrows with brown color.

Bigg Boss 8 DAY 37 Sushant drinking energy drink URZZA

Energy Drinks URZZA

On asking who is the Kamchor  Karishma select Sonali and Sushant who work very less in the house. So Karishma have to drank them two Jug full energy drink. Sushant after drinking some he gave up. Sonali starts very well but after drinking little bit she vomits and she want to drink all but the person on phone said to stop Sonali to drink and She stop.

Bigg Boss 8 DAY 37 Sonali vomits energy drink on Phone booth task

50% Ration

Last and final task of Karishma is to agree all member to put there half ration in store room. Again She easily success everyone to agree for this. housemates did what Karishma tell to them Praneet sad about how he managed ration very well by saving a lot.

Bigg Boss 8 DAY 37 Housemates discussing Phone Booth Task

Puneet Next

The calling person told Karishma ot select other housemates to gave the phone and that member will directly nominate if he fails to complete task. Karishma select Puneet for this on excusing that Puneet was a strong contestant who can do this work.

Bigg Boss 8 DAY 37 Puneet doing Phone Booth task

Makeup Boxe of Karishma

First task of Puneet was to put Diandra and Karishma’s makeup box in store room. Diandra and Karishma agreed and put there makeup box in store room. But after thinking Karishma pick the makeup box again and don’t want to put her makeup box in store room on excusing whether they will get it or not. Puneet said to caller that he knew it and don’t want to concise Karishma for this.


Finally  day end and there is lot more on next day.

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