Bigg Boss 8 {Day43}Nomination Special Karishma make Gautam Hero of the house again

Day 43 Karishma became the National villain on National television, and made Gautam hero again. Sonali, Pritam, Praneet, Puneet and Gautam nominated for this week

Twist in Nominations

In todays Nomination Captain have to select 5 contestant to nominate except Ali and Sushant and himself because he is a captain. Ali already nominated by Bigg Boss as a punishment given of misbehaviour done by Ali with Sonali. Sushant have the Weakest performance in Phone Booth task So he directly nominated for this week.

Bigg Boss 8 DAY43 Upen nominate P3G and Sonali group

Upens chhose P3G + S

Upen choose Sonali his lover that she not work in home after saying lot of time, Puneet for his role in selection of captain, Pritam such that he want to be captain, Praneet such that he will not working properly and Gautam that he make one mistake in working. In other words Upen take all the group of Puneets i.e., P3G + S.

Praneet Master Plan for Gautam

After the nominations Puneet disscussed with Pritam, Praneet, Gautam to include Sonali and Ali in there team. Pritam said that she will take back Sonali in his team and Gautam said that he will bring Ali in there team.

10 Options for Yes/No

Bigg Boss called Gautam and Karishma in confession room for a task, In this task Both Karishma and Gautam have to blindfolded and have to pick Yes or No board. On the options given of Bigg Boss only first three mutually yes will be accepted. Gautam and Karishma didn’t know that Bigg Boss showing this task to housmates live in tv.

Bigg Boss 8 DAY43 Housemates watching the task of Gautam and Karishma


First one is Pizza for all housemates Karishma pick Yes card and Gautam pick no Card. All the housemates see Gautam as devilish because he refused Pizza. Aarya favourite Sex and Pizza Aarya missed his only thing he going to get Pizza.

Diandra make-up

Second one was Diandra’s Make-up Gautam pick no card while Karishma picked yes card.


Third is Icecream for all housemates again Gautam pick no card and Karishma picked Yes card. All housemate anger going on increasing on Gautam that he not picking any yes card.

Sushant Soft toy

Bigg Boss offer Sushant soft toy same as pervious option Gautam pick No card and Karishma picked Yes card. On this Diandra replied Gautam comment “Dill main Kuch nahei hai”

Aarya Soft toy

Bigg Boss offer Aarya’s Soft toy same Gautam picked No and Karishma Picked Yescard.

Ali Captaincy

To remove the punishment for Ali Captaincy Both Karishma and Gautam picked No card.

Bigg Boss 8 DAY43 Karishma became Villain of house

Paltes and Spoons

Bigg Boss offer seven plate and spoons for housemates both picked yes card. Housemates feel relax that Gautam picked yes card atlast for some thing.

Karishma make-up

Bigg Boss offer Karishma’s make-up Gautam didn’t pick yes card while Karishma picked Yes card.

Sushant Punishment

Bigg Boss ask to cancel the punishment of Sushant Gautam picked Yes card while Karishma picked no card.

Save one contestant from nominations Gautam pick yes but Karishma picked no card.

Two choose two option

Bigg Boss told Gautam and Karishma that only one Plates and spoons they select mutually and can select other two things with mutual understanding. Gautam offer him Make-up box but she refused to him at start. Then Gautam agreed Karishma on Sushant punishment. on the last option they have clash on make-up and to save one member from nominations.

Karishma National villain on National television

On coming out everyone in the house saw the real face of Karishma how she not saved Sushant because of this she became the national villain of television. Diandra concise her everything that everyone seeing them from outside of the home.

Gautam Hero of Bigg Boss 8

Gautam came as Hero that he saved Sushant from punishment instead they are not friend to each other everyone came to Gautam and praised him for his bold decissions.

Bigg Boss 8 DAY43 Gautam became national hero

Ali Joined P3G group

In evening everyone surrounded the Ali and pledge them to be loyal and not to back bite and include them to there group at gun point. Pritam still don’t believe on Ali that he is loyal to them.

day end and there is lot more on next day Luxury task.

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