Bigg Boss 8 {DAY 42} Minissha eliminated Salman Khan with Govinda’s Kill/Dill starcast Prank with Ali and Promotion of ROAR

Bigg Boss 8 DAY 42 Minissha evicted Salman Khan with Govinda to Promoting Kill-Dill-small

Bigg Boss 8 {DAY 42} Minissha eliminated Salman with Govinda’s Kill/Dill starcast Prank with Ali and Promotion of ROAR

“O kehendi Poo Poo Soni de Nakre Sone Lagde” from movie Partner Salman entered and from the same movie “Do you wanna partner” Salman Khan welcomed Govinda to promote His Upcoming Kill/Dill, Minissha eliminated in 6 week, Baddest prank done with Ali in the house


Contestant of the Day “Ali Quli Mirza”

Govinda Guest of BB8

Govinda old partner of Salman Khan have came for the promotion of his Upcoming film Kill/Dill on 14 nov 2014. The both share there old memories with each other how Govinda takes whole day for shooting small shot. How Govind dance without speaking with his eyes and the easy dance steps which they perform.

Salman is better then Hrithik

While talking to Salman talks that lot of people not dance like Hrithik his hard steps. Salman said he couldn’t not dance like that that not mean that he dance bad else He dance very well then Hrithik as a kidding.

5 types of Govinda’s Smile

Salman ask Govida about the laughing at the end of Kill/Dill trailer Govinda laugh as in the movie. Then Salman gave five situation in which Govinda have to laugh the first situation is he got 70% discount in shopping websites, second is his movie Kill/Dill gone superhit third one is Govinda’s beautiful neighbor told him i love u, fourth is his pocket is picked and last one is his wife gone for one month to her mother home. Govinda performed all the situation very well.

Auto-Rickshaw in Home

Other co-stars Ranbeer Kapoor, Praneeti Chopra and Ali Zafar entered in the house sitting in the Auto-Rickshaw driving by Ranbeer Kapoor. All the hosemates got surprised by seeing them. Praneet Chopra said that she is huge fan of Bigg Boss that she watch live feed of Bigg Boss too.

Bigg Boss 8 DAY 42 Kill-Dill starcast came in Auto Rickshaw


The Kill/Dill team gave a Kill-Dill task in which all contestant have to gave on heart to whom the like most and have to kill two contestant two member whom they dosent like. No one have to Kill Gautam because they knew that all will kill him.

Ali got the most kil from the housemates, Sonali gave heart to Gautam and in replied Gautam kill Sonali the task gone smooth.

Bigg Boss 8 DAY 42 Ranveer Praneeti and Ali Zafar promoting  KillDill

Deekhne Main Seedhi Saadi lagti

Ali sang a song from London Paris New-york movie “Vo Deekhne main seedhi saadi lagti” and The boys in the house have to point out the girl which they think who she is like in the song. Everyone choose Karishma Tanna.

Aakhiyon Se Gooli maare

At last Kill/Dill star cast danced on the Govinda famous song Aakhiyon Se Gooli maare to give tribute to Govinda. Ranbeer said that he is biggest an of Govinda and follower he remember every dialoge and song.

Ali have to be Carefull

In dancing Ali went to Praneeti Chopra and dance with her On suddenly Praneeti stop dancing an warn Ali to be carefull. Praneeti taks Ali to separate area and remind the incidence of Sonali misbehave. She said that the Sonali incidence was a mistake and it not have anything.

Sonali said that Ali would not realize what he doing and have to be very carefull while touching a lady. It is just a prank made by Praneeti to tease Ali as he is family friend.

All the team went out of the house Ranbeer Kapoor bang the confession room door to open and left the Bigg Boss house.

Bigg Boss 8 DAY 42 Did Ali Have to control on his emotions

Aarya modern Puneet

After seeing this Aarya got very angry and bursted on Ali that he doing the same thing twice in a week. Ali excused many time that he haven’t done anything. Both Aarya and Ali have a high pitch argument take place. All the housemates seprate both of them. Salman comment on this that Aary behaving like a modern Puneet.

Ali want to run Away from House

After the incidence Ali dosen’t want to live in the house. Ali said everyone that he haven’t done anything wrong and wrong allegation is made on Ali. Ali want to ran away from the house as Kushal ran in last season.

Prank for Ali

Salman Khan clarifies that all this is a prank intentionally made to tease Ali. Praneet ask sorry for Ali that she have done this because he is close friend of her cousin sister so he done this. On listening this Ali came normal yeah offcourse it is a bad prank made by the Bigg Boss but it expose. Ali sang song for Praneeti “Tu chahl main aayei”

Takla Party Zindabad !

Ranbeer Singh said to Ali to paly well and Takla party zindabad because himself Ranbeer Singh takla for his movie. Karishma gave sympathy to Ali for the prank. Salman suggest Ali not to move his hands put closes to himself Or it will became another controversy.

Enjoying Kill/Dill

Ranveer Singh, Praneeti and Ali Zafar gave a performance Ranveer rap the Govinda song, Govinda also sang ” Gori tere naine saapno main aaye” everyone ask Salman to sang a song from “KICK” movie

Bigg Boss 8 DAY 42 Salman Khan Govinda to promote Kill Dill

Roar Tiger

Salman promote Roar movie in which Ali Quli Mirza acted which released on 31 october. A virtual tiger entered in the house to promote the movie. This movie is based on Sundarban Tiger Salman ask everyone to watch this movie. Salman show the video of Ali’s Custard prem to Tiger.

Ali Custard prem

Ali saw Minissha’s custard in fridge and ask Karishma, Upen whose custard is this they said that this belong to Minissha and it got bad and tell him to throw it. Ali gone to Minissha to ask about custard even Minissha replied Ali to throw the custard. But Ali ate the custard we can understand that he got nothing to eat in the house.

When Minissha heard about it she searched for Ali who is hide behing in the garden area corner after searchinga alot she find Ali backside of pot. Ali ask sorry for the custard that he ate and said that when he taste it it looks good so he ate it.

Sonali Confuse girl

Salman show a video of Sonali how much she is confuse in the house some time she went to Gautam and show that she love him and then go to Upen and said that she like Upen type boys. How she broke her relation ship with Gautam and again try to make relation ship with Upen.

Puneet saved

Puneet and Minissha is sent to a secret room in which they see all the live feed of the house. In both of them Salman saved Puneet from eviction and call Minissha. And sent Puneet to Bigg Boss house again.

Minissha Eliminnated

Salman showed the clips of Minissha in the house the contestant talking behind him how sweet they appear in front of him. Puneet call Minissha that how much she eat, Karishma in Babbar’s vs Lambas task and Sushant use abusive words to Minissha. On seeing all this Minissha don’t react to it.

Salman gave a bigg Bomb to cancel 3 member’s punishment and to choose one member to gave punishment who have to not be use any facility of house and have to be sewak of all the housemates. Minissha cancel the punishment of Gautam, Pritam and Puneet. She punished Sushant for the sewak of house.

Bigg Boss 8 DAY 42 Minissha Eliminated from house Puneet saved

day end and there is lot more on next day.

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