Bigg Boss 8 {DAY 41} Weekend ka Vaar with Salman Khan, Minissha and Puneet in Danger zone?

Bigg Boss 8 DAY 41 Weekend Ka Vaar with Salman Khan Puneet and Sonali gone in secret room

Contestant of the Day “Gautam”

Salman Khan came on dancing of his populer song ” Tu he to meri dost hai” from Yuvraaj movie. It looks like Salman Khan took Gautam side a lot and pointed every incidence of the week whether selection of captain or Ali  aunty talk.

Salman calling

Salman Khan call Puneet in Phone booth like last Luxury task and He said Puneet to talk normally and not disclouse that he is talking he a choice to save any one member from eviction who are nominated today.

For this Salman Khan gave three task for which Puneet have to agree Arya to wear saree and put bindi on his forehead. Karishma have to sit without Make-Up and Sushant have to keep all his luggage in the store room.

In this only Arya agree to wear saree both Karishma and Sushant refused to do there task directly. In meanwhile Salman asked everyone to come in living area.

Arya Praised

Salman Khan praised Arya for his commitment to save any member  from eviction. He asked to Karishma that he think that Karishma don’t use Make-up and she a natural beauty Karishma excused that she put very light Make-up But now she have pimples on her face so she want to remove Make-up form her face. Sushant dont have any answer to justify himself only he dosen’t want to put his luggage.

Puneet on Doom Chair

Many hosuemates select Puneet as most chance to evict this week so Puneet sat on the Doom chair. Salman asked everyone that Gautam is very negative but why he saved every time. Why peoples vote for him and want to keep him in house.

Is Gautam broked ?

Gautam feels isolated from the house no member are intrested to talk him only Puneet and Pritam are with him to share his feeling.

Gautam unfit for Captain

On the Selection of Captain everyone support Upen as a captain nobody wants Gautam as a captain even Puneet thinks that Upen have to be captain. Gautam know that Karishma have went to both Puneet and Pritam to think upon who has to be captain of house.

Upen’s biased judgement

Upen select Sushant as best contestant to play in the Phone Booth task Salman explained that Bigg Boss nominate Sushant for next week and punished him that he express anger on phone. Then how Upen select Sushant in task Karishma and Puneet are played very well instead of Sushant.

Upen choose Gautam is weak contestant because of his personel matter that Gautam behavior in the bathroom.

Puneet not gave 100%

Puneet agree that he could not gave his 100% to make Gautam as captain  it is very easy to for Puneet didn’t his full power to pull Upen. Salman told the conversation between Karishma and Puneet to make Upen as a captain Gautam shocked after hearing this.

Snap Deal order-order caller

Snap Deal order order caller ordered Helmet for Pritam that he became on of the bhed chall followers the majority of the group. Pritam accepts this and assured that he will not do this in future.

Ali Pritam Pyaare

Salman ask Ali that what he is doing in the house Ali replied that he just entertainment to everyone in the house. Salman remind the conversation when Ali talking about Pritam to Karishma and he said Karishma is mature girl to take care herself.

Puneet and Minissha Evicted ? Sent to secret room !

Salman brings new twist this time he called Minissha and puneet that this week two contestant eliminating. As usual elimination take place on Sunday episode. Still Minissha and Puneet are not eliminated they sent to secret room for some time .

Finally  day end and there is lot more on next day.

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