Bigg Boss 8 {DAY 40} Judgement day Sushant reward with sewak Ali and Gautam punished put in a cage

Bigg Boss 8 DAY 40 Judgement Day in house Sushant reward and Gautam Punished

Contestant of The Day “Gautam

Day starts with “Madhu bala song” from Mere Brother ki dulhan movie

Bigg Boss 8 {DAY 40} Judgement day Sushant reward with sewak Ali and Gautam punished put in a cage. Gautam and Praneet fight over small issue’s Adalaat task to resolve there allegation.

Gautam captain of Garden

Upen made Gautam as a captain of Garden area  that Gautam work a lot in garden so he knew the thing. Ali and Pranet are with Gautam when Gautam giving the task to Praneet became very angry with Gautam as Praneet don’t like the behaviour of Gautam assigning the task and Praneet thing he is getting lot of work.

Both Gautam Praneet put there point in front of Upen. Gautam said Upen to gave him Minissha to work in place of Praneet. As expected Upen just listen both of them and can’t take any decision for this.

Bigg Boss 8 Gautam Gulati want to be Captain

Praneet broked the dust pan

After cleaning the garden area both of them aggegrating the dust and going to put in the dustbin over a small topic Gautam telling Praneet how to put dust in dustbin. Praneet telling Gautam as ‘baccha, baccha'(son) Gautam don’t like this and ask him to say Gautam and not to say ‘baccha’. On rude behaviour of Gautam Praneet just left the place by throwing the dust pan.

Bigg Boss 8 Gautam fights with Praneet

Judgement Day

Third judgement day of Bigg Boss is handled by Captain Upen in which two member have to choose one to reward and other to punished on the basis of Luxury task Phone booth. Upen choose Sushant to reward for he worked very well in luxury task and Punished Gautam on the behaviour he showed in task time and double comment on him.

Reward for Sushant

Sushant is reward with sewak he can choose any one member in the house to who have to do all the personal work plus house work untill the next order of Bigg Boss. Without thinking more he take Ali name reason that he nominated on the first judgement day.

Sushant takes all his personel work he even gave his cloth to wash and called Ali as Kanta bai, Arya and Pritam try make fun of it but Ali don’t allow them to do so.

Bigg Boss 8 Ali rewarded as Sushant sewak

Punishment for Gautam

Gautam have to sit in the cage untill next order of Bigg Boss and he don’t have to speak any one directly. He have to choose one member in the house only to whom Gautam can talk. Gautam select Puneet as his mediator to which he can talk. Gautam sitted in the cage and locked by Puneet Gautam is sad that no one want to talk her or happy when he free from the punishement.

Bigg Boss 8 Gautam punished by Upen for Luxury task

Expensive Sonali ??

While in the punishment Gauam send some messages to Sonali thorugh Puneet the first one was Gauam want to see Sonali smile and her walk. When Puneet is said this to Sonali. Sonali refused to do on excuse that her smile and walk are too expensive for Gautam to see.

On listening this Gautam send flowers to Sonali and sayarri through Puneet. Sonali replied that fool in phool(flowers) bheje hai. She throw the flower in front of Gautam.

Bigg Boss 8 Expensive Sonali make fun of Gautam

Adalaat Task

In evening Bigg Boss gave Adalaat task to housemates in which they get a chance to resolve there allegation which other housemates put on them. Pritam has to host this task by asking question to contestant and any other member can ask the questions.

Allegations on Gautam

Upen ask about the double comment in Luxury task whose friend of Sushant have to cut there hair and the attitude of Gautam how he is talking. On this Gautam aplogies to Upen that he understand different meaning of his comment. Arya asked why Gautam shout on him where he didn’t say a single word to anyone for this Praneet and Gautam starts fight and Gautam can’t able to give this answer.

Bigg Boss 8 Upen allegnation to Gautam for his double commenting

Allegations on Praneet

Ali asked Praneet why he(Praneet) want to footage by going other people matter. Praneet answered that he go others matter to solve it and he can’t stand far and watch if something going wrong.

Praneet answered on Gautam and his relation that he respect if other respect to him. He didn’t go to any group and don’t want to make fight between anyone in the house.

Bigg Boss 8 Ali alligenation of Praneet

Allegations on Arya

Gauam said that Arya is Dog tail that he didn’t have any idea what he is doing where he was going. Arya answered that in first three week he is disturbed but no he is focused and well know what he is doing in the house. He replaid that who are dog whom saying this from back.

Bigg Boss 8 Arya is dog of the house

Allegations on Puneet

Karishma ask Allegad that Puneet is the starter of fight between two persons and misguide everyone in the house. Puneet answered that he try to vision to anyone to show the light or path if anyone think that it is spark to fight then he accept it.

Puneet remind Karishma that 50% ration is gone subbmited to Bigg Boss for saving of Karishma from nomination same as Make-up boxes is submited to Bigg Boss.

Bigg Boss 8 Karishma alleganation on Puneet

Sonali don’t want to talk Gautam

In Adalaat task Gautam take the name of Sonali that on her topic Praneet and Gautam is fight to each other. Praneet said to Gautam that she is good girl and Gautam have to ask her for marriage. Sonali got angerd that he have taken her name in front of everyone So she won’t want to talk him anymore.

Bigg Boss 8 Sonali don't want to talk Gautam

Finally  day end and there is lot more on next day.

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