Bigg Boss 8 {DAY 39} Upen new Captain of house by defeting Gautam by Politics ?

Bigg Boss 8 DAY 39 Upen became captain by defeting Gautam

Bigg Boss 8 {DAY 39} After Ali fired from Captaincy the post is taken By Upen by doing task and Defeting Gautam against him. Praneet break all ties with P3G group, Housemates try to dominate Ali Quli after he losing Captain post.

Contestant of the Day “Ali Quli Mirza”

Ali Quli Mirza ki Watt laga payenge??

Everyone want to revenge Ali Quli for the trouble he gave everyone while he was Captain. Puneet first said him to clean all the garden area alone without any help. On Ali argue that he gave three persons for garden area while he was captain So Puneet add Sonali extra with him for the work. Sonali who is famous for her lazyness.

Bigg Boss 8 Ali Quli Mirza

When Ali cleaning the garden area Praneet sent back Sonali to kitchen that the kitchen work is given to Sonali and She will no work in garden. This is supported by Minissha that She will not clean the garden area.

Ali got too much angry that everyone giving him orders to work Ali shout that only one have to give him work not everybody. A little arguments takes place between Praneet and Ali

Bigg Boss 8 Puneet Pranet gaves multple work to Ali

Sonali Raut teasing Ali Quli Mirza

While Ali Quli is cleaning the house Sonali try a lot to disturb Ali he just walk in front of him and sit on the broom of Ali, After cleaning all the area she throw the garbage in garden area. Everyone seen this and still saying to Ali to clean again. But Ali refused it and want to make issue like Sonali make issue when Ali touch her.

Bigg Boss 8 Sonali teasing Ali while he is doing the work

Who want to be Captain?

Bigg Boss announce who want to be captain he/she have to gave there name with reason in coming to confession room. Gautam was the first one who went to the confession room and gave his name. For this Bigg Boss choose directly Gautam as the first contender of Capain.

Bigg Boss 8 Gautam want to be captain to apply rule and regulations

Opponent of Gautam

The second Opponent for the task is to be select by disscusing among all the housemate. With complete majority Upen is selected for the opponenet of Gautam in Captaincy task.

“Aaj Na Chodunga Tujhe”

In task both have to select two members to help in the task. Gautam choose Punnit and Pritam, Upen select Ali and Arya for his side. In the task both Gautam and Upen have to grab a pillar and his support member have to pull the member to white line to disquallfy for captaincy.

Bigg Boss 8 task for Captain

Politics against Gautam

Praneet who gone against Gautam yestarday want Upen as a Captain because he is calm and balanced and not Gautam because he is very negative and unbalanced. He try to convert Pritam to his side and Karishma also try to take Pritam there side.

Bigg Boss 8 Praneet the backstabber in p3g group

Upen second Captain of BB8

In the task both Ali and Arya just pulled Gautam very easily and Upen became the second captain of Bigg Boss. Gautam think that Punnet has not show his full power in game.

Bigg Boss 8 Upen new captain of house

Upen Message to all

Upen gave message to all housemates after winning the captain post that to forget all past fight in the house and begin with fresh starts in the hosue. He assigned all the house task with taking suggestion to everyone. Everyone looks fine in his captaincy hope he will do it better then Ali.

Pritam Pyaare

All Boys try tease Pritam that all girls in the house like Pritam and whom does Pritam like in the house. Praneet just said that Pritam like Karishma in just for fun. Puneet said to Pritam to say her to marry him we seen some laughing moments in the house. But at night P3G disscussed this that this type of kidding should be not done. Ali told this to Karishma and suggest her ta stay away from this.

Bigg Boss 8 Ali warn Karishma about Pritam

P3G – P = P2G

P3G group Pritam, Praneet, Puneet and Gautam is broked Praneet leave the group for negativity of Gautam and Gautam also said him that he will never talk to him in the house. We have seen in the house Praneet backstabbing Gautam many time in the house. Gautam also think that Praneet is also back of his lossing captain task.

Bigg Boss 8 P3G group discussing about Karishma and Pritam

Finally  day end and there is lot more on next day.

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