Bigg Boss 8 {DAY 38} Luxury task Phone Booth finished, Sushant nominated for next week

Bigg Boss DAY 38 Luxury task Phone Booth finished with lot of fight in house

Contestant of The DAY 38 “Gautam”

Luxury task over with nominating Sushant for next week having lot fight with as usual Gautam and other’s. Minissha dirty work for Puneet. Karishma agree to put her Make-up.

Karishma’s Makeup

Puneet have to agree Karishma and Diandra to put there Make-up boxes in store room But after putting the makeup boxes the take back. Both don’t want to gave there makeup box on excuse whetever they get back or not. Puneet also don’t want to excuse Karishma for this and he ready to nominate for next week. After Upen Praneet success to agree them to put there makeup boxes.

Bigg Boss DAY 38 Karishma Makeup box

Puneet night in Phone Booth

In Luxury task Puneet don’t have to leave Phone Booth for all time untill he have to tell to do. so Puneet slept whole night in the Telephone booth. With Puneet his three Bigg Boss sons Gautam, Pritam and Praneet slept outside of Phone Booth  to company him.

Minissha’s  Dirty Work

Last task of Puneet to choose a girl in the house who he dosen’t like. Puneet choose Minissha So this task is done by Minissha Puneet have to agree Minissha to do the task however. Minissha on listening that she have to do the task she done it for Puneet as she respect him a lot.

Minissha have to find the clue card in the dustbin OOOh hO she done it even she go inside dustbin to find the clue card. After not finding the Clue card she just search all garbage with her hands finally she got the card. Daring girl !

Bigg Boss DAY 38 Minissha's garbage work

Puneet Choose Sushant

Now Puneet have to choose a housemates who dosen’t contribute in house for work. Puneet choose Sushant and handover the telephone Mr x on phone ask him who is his best friend in the house. Sushant select Upen as his best buddy now Sushant have to agree Upen tocut all hair on his head readily Upen refuse to do so.

Cut complete Hair

Mr X gave option that Sushan cant agree anyone in the house to cut there house as expected no one wnat to cut there hair. In the meanwhile Gautam commented on pointing Upen “Uske best friend he kataiye Hum kyin” Sushant best freinds have to cut hair for him why we. On listening this Upen gor very angry and told Arya about this and went to Gautam for ask this.

Gautam One man Army ?

When Upen ask why he(Gautam) is double commenting him on his best friend have to cut hair and Upen included Soni that Gautam said UUpen UUpen why Gautam not playing fair. everyone came there Gautam outbrust on Arya for he didn’t have goal to play and going everywhere some time with Ali… Gautam have been in saying many time that peoples outside love him so he didn’t scared anyone in the house.

Bigg Boss DAY 38 GAutam fighting with Upen and Praneet

Who nominate themself !

Sushant last task to select any two member and convince them on discussing each other to nominate themself for next week. Sushant choose Pritam and Puneet for this Both refused to nominated themself. And ready to nominate both for next week At the end Sushant just throws the phone as he knew that he lost the task.

Bigg Boss DAY 38 Sushant in Phone booths

Sushant Nominated for next week

Luxury task finished Karishma and Puneet choose as winner of task and Sushant is lost the task with penlish for keeping phone on hte floor. Sushant is directly nominated for next week. this task not look so much intresting with earliear task.

Minissha private conversion

Minissha discussing with Upen and Sonali how Puneet broke her faith on him and said that he didn’t like her most in the house and gave task of garbage to find clue card. Praneet came to join the group Minissha comment that yeh kyun aa gaya why he has come here. And she left the conversation Praneet got very angry for this and shout this is not her home this is Bigg Boss house whether he want to sit he will sit.

Finally  day end and there is lot more on next day .

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