Bigg Boss 8 {DAY 28} Natasa Stankovic Eliminated Weekend Ka Vaar with Salman Khan

Bigg Boss Season 8 DAY 29  Salman Khan Weekend Ka Vaar Natasa eliminated

DAY 28 Starts with “Hud Hud Dabangg” from Dabangg movie  Salman Performance with wishing Diwali.  Talks about Ali Captiancy  and if Salman gone into the house as Captain. Natasa eliminated from Bigg Boss 8 Karishma, Minissha and Arya are in danger zone now they are saved.

Salman wishes Diwali to everyone and give message to everyone to celebrate Diwali without cracker, don’t harm animals and celebrarte with diyas.

Captain Salman

Salman talks about Ali captain in which Ali is cracking inside the house. Show the edited video on saying a fan recorded the his dream in which Salman is captain of house, in the Video Ali is replaced by Salman who is giving order to everyone and the reaction of housemates

1 day Boss of Bigg Boss 8 House

Gauhar became the One Day Boss of Bigg Boss house who order everyone in the house to do many task. She locked two member in the house and they have to do some task

She order Gautam to sing. He sang “Tu hoga yahan , Tu hoga yahan, Tu hoga yahan ka Captain pr main karta hun, main karta hun crore dilo pe raaj ” muj se mat bhidna, meanwhile Ali replied aab to tuj se he bhidunga.

Bigg Boss Season 8 DAY 29 GAuhar Khan performance in Weekend Ka Vaar

Sonali to sing song for Upen and Arya she sang “Dost Dost na raha Pyar Pyar na raha” on pointing to both Arya and Upen.

Gauhar ordered Ali to check if there were some bugs in pool by walking on one leg with Sushant and then to check living area after that to pick broom from kitchen and clean Bed room.

Is Bipasha Basu is Boss ??

Everyone thinks that Bipasha Basu is Boss who giving this order to everyone in the house. But it is Gauhar Khan who had given all the orders in the house. When Salman asked to guess to housemates Who she was all of them say it was Bipasha Basu.

Only for TRP

Salman takes Karishma name to eliminate  then Karishma murmured that Bigg Boss iseliminating her for TRP and goes into the bed room to pack her luggage. Then Salman saved Karishma from eliminations and call her to living area. When Salman Asked what do you mean by TRP then Karishma replied that it may be done to shock people to increase TRP. Salman replied they not do anything for TRP it was based on voting.

Gauhar Khan Bigg Boss 7 Winner

Gauhar Khan was the Boss behing Ek din ka Boss, She will be very hurt that no housemates guess her name. She performed on Aslam e kum Ishqum and Kamli songs. She was the winner of last 2013 year Bigg Boss. She came here for expert panel to give suggestion to housemates how they are look from outside. She tells that Ptitam, Praneet and Sushant were her favourite contestant.

Bigg Boss Season 8 DAY 29  Salman Khan with Gauhar in Bigg Boss

Minissha is Classy

Gauhar asked why she think this year contestant are more Classy from pervious one. Minissha replied because Kamya on last week said that it is east to live in Aeroplane. Gauhar explain that behaviour and action show’s someone classy.

Gauhar told Upen and Arya to speak up atleast some time for other if they are not from there group Gauhar is talking about Sonali. Gauhar give suggestion to come up in the show not to hide why anyone want to see you in 9-10pm daily who not doing anything.

Sargun Ex Contestant of Gautam

Sargun Mehta who came on first day of Bigg Boss with Gautam. Gautam didn’t take her name for Bigg Boss was an strategy. Now  she likes Gautam very entairntainig in the hosue. Sargun about “Bhed Chal” on pointing to Upen Arya Diandra Sushant Soni, Karishma that everyone follow to whom have majority in the house.

Bigg Boss Season 8 DAY 29  Sargun Mehta with Salman Khan

She said to Minissha why she say “main ladki ho ke bhi neeche so ke deekhaungi” on explain that there are many peoples who sleep on floor daily. Sargun talks to Soni Singh about Friday ka Vart why she pray some one negative for Gautam.

Churan of Pritam Pyare

Pritam asking for churan from two weeks many time from Bigg Boss for his Churan. Finally Gave Churan to Pritam for which he feel relax and enjoyed better. Churan is for undigestive problem of Pritam.

Bigg Boss Season 8 DAY 29 Diwali gift to housemates

Salman in Bigg Boss house

Salman entered in Bigg Boss 8 house to celebrate Diwali with hosuemates and played Truth & Dare with housemates. In this Sushant select dare in which shushant have to pickup Puneet but he didn’t do it. Karishma select truth in which question is who don’t have to be captain of BB8 Karishma answered Ali he won’t to be captain in this house for his irratating behaviour.

Bigg Boss Season 8 DAY 29 Salman Khan sitting with housemates for Diwali

Natasa Eliminated

While dancing with Salman Khan Bigg Boss take away Natasa from the house. On this Sunday  she didn’t throw any bomb to anyone. Tomorrow is nomination special to forget to see this.

Bigg Boss Season 8 DAY 29  Natasa Stonvick Eliminated

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