Best and Hilarious Comments for Bigg Boss 9 finalist Rishabh Sinha From there Fans

Best and Hilarious Comments for Bigg Boss 9 finalist Rishab Sinha From there Fans

Rishabh Sinha Bigg Boss 9 Finalist


Rishabh Sinha fan’s comments

Sanjeev Ranjan Sahani Winner of Bigg Boss 9 sirf Rishabh Sinha hi ho sakta hain
Keep voting devils


Abhimanyu Bharti
me bb9 ki voting lines HACK krkr 10 % votes apne RISHABH k increase krkr usse jeeta dunga …….hehehehhehehehehehhehehehehehehehehehhe…


Sanjeev Ranjan Sahani guyz plzzz keep voting through SMS I m on my way almost 200 sms done… hope u all will accompany me… Rishabh fan wake up… We need to show our fan power..


Govinda Pun It’s simple that
if you don’t see
yourself as a winner
you will always
Be a loser
that’s the reason
Rishabh has spirit to win


Sanjeev Ranjan Sahani #Jai_Bhole_Nath ki #Fikar_nhi_kisi_baat ki
vote for Rishabh…
Vote for Rishabh…


Rayensh Sounkariya Aap devil ke peeche, devil aapke peeche … too much fun winer rishabe


Lata Sharma Rishabh wears his heart on his sleeves…he deserves to win!


Md Tipu Rishabh is the best.because Rishabh is honest man.
so vote for Rishabh.


Imthiyaz Rahman The only person deserves to win is Rishabh!!

Why?? Because.. Bigg boss 9 Actually started after the entry of Rishabh. Before that all were so dull and lazy infact many stopped watching

Rishabh Sinha came lion lion and the show actually started. Rishabh is so clear and clean

He stands if some one is wrong like Rishabh is the only guy supported Mandana when everyone targetted her

Rishabh played all tasks very well. Rishabh was neither friendly nor enemy to house mates

Rishabh is honest. Frank. Go getter. Giver. Adjusted. Diplomat. Loyal and most importantly he played individually

So its obvious Rishabh Sinha is the clear winner and it is also clear that Bigg Boss wants this time Wild Card Entry to win the show thatswhy Bigg Boss gave 15 Lakhs to Kishwer and rest amount to winner so clear a Wild Card

And for those people who saying Mandana is strong. U people are blind. She doesnt deserve to be on the show at all

Rather than Mandana. They should have made stay Aman Verma. Gizzelle

Mandana is only for crying and making drama. She never played any task well. She never supported if someone doing good. She never stood if someone doing bad. Instead she herself portrayed so badly on TV Salman khan itself said so many many times indirectly

And she is foreigner. How dare she screams and shouts on our Indians. Unlike Elli Avram bigg boss season 7 she was so cute and respectable

People like Mandana should not even enter India and people who supporting disgusting Foreigner should also join them


Aaliya Singh stupid haters ko ab pta chl rha h ki koi r v jeetne wla bnda h n wild card v jeet skte h..wrna itne din s hlke m le rhe the jaise sb HMs except wild cards…so lets create a history on bigg boss to make #RishabhSinhawinner smile emoticon


Sagar Ghimire

The only reason I continued watching bigg boss 9 is ‪#‎Rishabh‬. Such a genuine guy, with such a great heart and soul. And the fact that he never tried to fake anything is why I think he’s the best. He’s realest, and though he’s a wild card and got less time, he has shown he’s every dimensions. Other contestants made fun of him, underestimated him but he accepted it cuz he thought it can be entertainment for people watching the show. He’s a real entertainer!

So guys before it‘s too late, knock some sense in you and support‪#‎Risabh‬ and vote for him, If you haven’t already.
For all the haters, just chill !, I’m just showing my support, And if you still drop negative comments down below, I’m literally gonna rape ya all in the comments pacman emoticon

Vote For Rishabh Sinha