BiggBoss9 : Complete Detail of Nominated, Task, Fight, Unsensored, Evicted and other things which no one tell you

2 week BiggBoss9 Complete Detail of Nominated, Task, Fight, Unsensored, Evicted and other things which no one tell you
2 week BiggBoss9 Complete Detail of Nominated, Task, Fight, Unsensored, Evicted and other things which no one tell you
2 week BiggBoss9 Complete Detail of Nominated, Task, Fight, Unsensored, Evicted and other things which no one tell you

Day 12: Now Watch Double Trouble Room in the Bigg Boss 9 House

Really Great Week For Bigg Boss Fans

Kishwar gave Title to Housemate

Kishwer provided some slate she have to gave this to housemate how she think according to title, And housemate have to wear till next order of Bigg Boss. So titles are:

Nakli – Mandana     Logic: She is not herself in some situations as observed by Kishwer.

Rule breaker – Rochelle  Logic: She sleeps in the house all day long and talks in English in same day she poke six times.

Entertainer – Prince    Logic: He is brother in the house and very funny.

Boring – Arvind     Logic: Post Ankit was nominated and left the house, Arvind has gone in shell.

Kamchor – Vikas  Logic: being the captain last week he did not work.

Aswatch – Aman    Logic: reason being he spat in the wash basin in the morning.

Double Trouble Room

Double Trouble Room Bigg Boss 9
Double Trouble Room Bigg Boss 9

It is the room where contestant have to go separately for taking the tough decision which directly affect the house. 

Aman and Kishwar were the first one who go there. Bigg Boss said them that there are one button they have to push( contestant don’t no what other contestant doing). The question and its option is like that.

No Button Click- they can select one jodi to be free.

One Button Click- Everyone in the house will be free.

Two Button Click – They tie up Again( Aman and Kishwar)

Result>> Aman Clicked the Button and Kishwar didn’t click the button means everyone free( Bandhan Mukth ) in the house.

Some contestant even don’t like to be mukth as it appears on seeing them like Vikas enjoys the company of Yuvika  and Mandana don’t want to mukth from Keith.

Chal beta selfie le le re

Bigg Boss gave OPPO R7 Plus Selfie Beauty task Yuvika Selfie
Bigg Boss gave OPPO R7 Plus Selfie Beauty task Yuvika Selfie

Bigg Boss gave OPPO R7 Plus Selfie Beauty task in which two team : Team A- Mandana, Prince, Aman, Roopal, Rochelle, Keith and Team B- Kishwer, Suyyash, Vikas, Yuvika, Rimi, Arvind.  and Diangana became the Co-Ordinater of this task. Every team have to take 4 selfie in 4 different parts of the house Bedroom, living room, Bathroom and Oppo Selfie Corner. And every Selfie minimum two members have to be there without any members of other team.

Lot of Drama and Action took place in this task. Kishwer pointed Mandana that she is “nakli” such that how she is running instead of illness for selfie task..Diangana choose Team A who take selfie better then Team B.

Day 11: Is Mandana & Keith are Wrost ?

After losing the Lagaan task Bigg Boss ask housemate to choose the weakest contestant for which the lost the task. All the contestant deny that there were no one who done the least amount of work, and they declare Prince and Suyyash as the best contestant of Lagaan task. 

Contestant don’t want to take any Name for the weakest Jodi and they pointing Keith and Rochelle for planning to steal the coin for that there performance lost. At the end on warning of Bigg Boss to Captain Jodi Vikas and Yuvika that they have to take one name. So Prince takes Mandana and Keith name as the weakest Jodi with them Dingana and Roopal also choose Mandana and Keith because Mandana Throw her mic and belt. Prince said that he only choose this jodi because of Mandana he didn’t have anything with Keith. Rochelle didnt select anyone and want to gave there own name. As a Majority Mandana & Keith chooses the Weakest Jodi from which they lost the task.

Mandana & Keith Nominated for the next week for eviction directly.

Kishwer Captain using Tug of War
Kishwer Captain using Tug of War

Kishwer Captain

kishwar and Aman the winning Jodi of Laagan task selected of next Captaincy task i.e., Tug of War in which housemate have to freedom to go any team(Kishwar or Aman).  Suyyash-Prince, Vikas-Yuvika adn Rochelle-Rimi choose Kishwer team while Arvind, Keith and Digangana-Roopal choose Aman side. Due to 60-40 majority and the Desi Boys Prince Kishwer team won easily.

She became the next captain of the house.

Hard Work Not Paid this time

They won 1300 points for winning the Luxury Budget task and 1200 points for Workers good effort. “But” they lost the points in a very high amount. Total 2500 points – 1000 points for speaking in english – 300 points for speaking in punjabi – 100 points for Mandana removed the mic -100 for Arvind for making his own rule for the task -300 for bad captaincy = So they only got 700 from 2500 points for Luxury shoping.

Day 10: Lagaan Task II

Most of the Housemates want to leave the task on Second Day, They have done whole night in shifts, Prince and Suyyash saying that they have done more then 40% time of this task.

Lagaan Task  Mandana and Keith steal coins from the pot
Lagaan Task Mandana and Keith steal coins from the pot

Bigg Boss call Keith and ask the condition of task and housemates and said that they can use there power, intelligence to win the task. So Keith disscussed with other jodi’s in the housemates they think that they can steal the coins form pots, Mandana told Prince and Suyyash to steal the coins. Later Prince Suyyash discussed and don’t agree to steal the coins and told Mandana that why she is saying to us if she can steal the coins.

On seeing the chance Mandana and Keith steal coins from the pot, Workers team dislike this that they are family and don’t want to win the game by cheating, Mandana describe that they can steal coin. No where written that they can’t steal the coins.

So they decided to return the coins to Zamindaars, Workers( Specially Suyyash may be he want to help her girlfriend in Zamindarrs team Kishwar to win) think that they will lost the task on stealing the coins.

Mandana just want to count the coins how much she steal but no one allow her to count, So again mandana remove her mic and Jodi band for this.

At last with 536 coins Zaindaars wont the task and Workers lost with doing so much work. Bigg Boss praises the workers for there hard work.

Day 9: Lagaan Task I

In this task Aman and Kishwar will perform as Zamindaars of the house if the win they will be bandhan mukth from each other. and other housemates will work as Worker. Arvind didn’t have any jodi dar so he will co-ordinate the task.

Lagaan Task Zamindaar vs Worker
Lagaan Task Zamindaar vs Worker

Total of 1001 coins given to Zamindaars this coin is exchange with the Atta which Workers will get by  grind the grains or ‘chakki peesing’. And this coin worker will use the part of house which is under Zamindaars.

As usual  fight is struck between Keith and Mandana and Mandana with other housemates so she cried Bigg Boss that she won’t want to play the game and want to go back home at the end everything is resolved.

fighting is not happend with Keith and Mandana But the two couples Suyyash and Kishwar they also fight with each other over the price of Atta packet.

Task should not be stopped in night they have to continue rotate the Chakki Seriously this is very hard task for them, Yuvika also fainted while performing the task

Day 8: Nomination Day

Once Again Double Trouble in Nomination, this time Bigg Boss 9 told the jodi to nominated other two jodi’s in the house, except captain Jodi Vikas and Yuvika in which every jodi is nominated. And the twist is every Jodi have to mutually decide to nominate one in the Jodi.

Prince-Suyyash jodi Prince nominated himself that Rochelle is nominated for the last week so Prince choose himself. Keith – Mandana decided by toss the pillow and in which Mandana nominated herself. like this every jodi nominate partner for elimination .

Finally Mandana, Prince,  Aman, Roopal and Rimmi nominated for this week

Nomination for 2nd Week Aman Mandana Prince Rimmi Roopal
Nomination for 2nd Week Aman Mandana Prince Rimmi Roopal